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Cleaning Kit

Restore your powder coated aluminium to its former glory.


Product Care Guide

Our Product Care Guide for Glass and Aluminium will help you look after your product.


Powder Coated Frame Finishes

Select one of Fenster’s super durable, Qualicoat Sea-Side Approved, House Colours.

Fensters Certifications


U-value (Thermal Transmittance) is the rate of heat transfer through a structure. The U-value is an assigned value that gauges the resistance of the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside or the inside to the outside of the fenestration, the lower the U-value, the higher the resistance.

Sans 613

SANS 613 is the South African national standard for mechanical/structural performance criteria. The criteria include water tightness, deflection, structural strength, water tightness, and air tightness.

Cleaning Kit Order Form

Fenster's In-house textured powder coating range

Our in-house textured colour range is Class 2 Qualicoat Seaside approved.