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Fenster creates elegant living spaces with the world’s finest fenestration systems.

The turnkey supplier of European aluminium and glass windows and doors.

Fenster provides both a product warranty and a workmanship guarantee to ensure your windows and doors are precisely manufactured, carefully installed, and checked meticulously to ensure you create a beautiful, comfortable space to live in.

Fenster’s window typologies and features.

Fenster’s door typologies and features.

Fenster’s supplementary products.

Why Fenster?

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Fenster’s products are made from the best quality materials and the latest in European design and technology. We are a certified partner of both Schuco and Alumil.

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Fenster’s double-glazed technology provides the best sound and temperature insulation so that our customers experience peace and tranquillity every day.

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Our showrooms give you the opportunity to try before you buy, so don’t take our word for it, just set up a meeting with us so that you can see and feel the superior quality and comfort that Fenster provides.

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Fenster has been creating beautiful, stylish spaces for more than 30  years and our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

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aluminium and glass windows and doors

Fenster offers the highest quality double-glazed windows and doors. Our fenestration solutions enclose living spaces with stylish and durable aluminium systems. Our certified systems are perfectly engineered by the best engineers in Europe. Our product designs are sourced from the best European designers and we manufacture each unit we install in South Africa. Every door and window we install comes with a solid locking mechanism and durable hinges so that our customers can lock their homes at night and sleep peacefully, knowing their space has been secured with a quality solution. Our products are tested for durability so that our doors and windows open and close with ease.

All of our products are available in a wide range of colours and options so that you can create the space of your dreams without compromising on security or comfort.

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How does Fenster Benefit your home’s design?


Our design team uses the latest software to design a detailed plan according to your specifications. You can send us your building plans so that we can create a window and door schedule according to your architectural drawing. We perform site surveys and liaise directly with architects and building contractors to ensure that we play our part in creating the space of your dreams.


Our team has over 30 years of experience installing aluminium and glass windows and doors. We’ve installed doors and windows at some of the most beautiful homes in Southern Africa. Our team will set a date when the installation should take place. We’ll arrive on time and install the windows and doors with precision and care. When we’re done, we will ensure the site is cleaned up. Before we leave, we will give you a complete set of keys as well as a portfolio with your workmanship guarantee and product warranty.


Our workmanship guarantee is our commitment that once we install a project , the project is excecuted with precision and excellence. If anything goes wrong, our team will revisit your site to set things straight at no extra cost to you. It’s our way of showing you that we’re here to help you create a stylish space comfortably.


Our systems are tested and certified to European standards. Fenster addresses any system-related concerns within a specified timeframe following the completion of installation, without incurring any additional charges on your part.


Our fenestration is designed in Europe and manufactured in Africa. That means we can provide the latest in international design aesthetics and trends, customised to your heart's desire. Choose from a wide range of styles and colours to create the space of your dreams.


Our windows and doors come with high-quality locking mechanisms so that you can create safe spaces that are durable and timeless.


Our systems go further than simply controlling access. Fenster’s double glazing aluminium systems shields you from unwanted sound pollution. Allowing for a peaceful ambiance inside your home.


Our fenestration comes with the best sealing solutions in the world to protect your space from the elements . Our thermally broken aluminium systems and double glazing creates the perfect insulation for your home keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Fenster doesn’t need to make a claim without proof. We built our showrooms so that you can try our products before you make a decision. Visit one of our premium showrooms to experience what true quality feels like.