Fenster Double Glazing


Double Glazing / Sealed Insulated Glass

Double Glazing or better known as Sealed Insulated Glass units (SIG) are manufactured from two panes of glass separated with an aluminium spacer and bonded with a hermetic seal which ultimately traps dehydrated air between the glass panes. 

The main objective of double glazing is to improve the thermal insulating properties of a glazing product, ultimately improving the thermal insulation of your home.

There is a variety of glasses to choose from which were manufactured for different performance purposes. By choosing the correct combination of glazing and aluminium system, you will be well on your way to living a greener lifestyle.

Why Double Glazing?

Our planet needs your help! With the deepening energy crisis in the world, we need to stand together to build a better tomorrow for future generations.

Double Glazing or Sealed Insulated Glass units gives you the opportunity to spend less on artificial appliances to regulate temperatures inside your home. However, double glazing cannot bare the burden alone. Your entire home needs to be designed around this concept.

Benefits from installing double glazed units in your home 

  • Increase insulation
  • Optimize energy usage and consumption
  • Noise insulation
  • Increased security


U-value (Thermal Transmittance) is the rate of heat transfer through a structure. The U-value is an assigned value that gauges the resistance of the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside or the inside to the outside of the fenestration, the lower the U-value, the higher the resistance.