The Tilt-only Door tilts backward to a restricted position, allowing for ventilation whilst limiting the possibility of rain and unwanted guests to enter your home.

The Tilt-and-Turn Door adds to this design and can operate in three distinct ways:

  • Turn handle upwards and tilt the window backward for some fresh air with a limited size opening. This is great for ventilation whilst maintaining security.
  • Turn handle to the centre position to open up like a side hung window.
  • Turn handle all the way down to completely close and lock the unit in place.

Both these units are available in a Cold (solid aluminium) profile system, or a high performance Thermally-broken alternative.

MAX Width per panel
MAX Height per panel
MAX Weight per panel
Tilt-and-Turn Door
1400 mm
2500 mm
160 kg
Tilt-only Door
1200 mm
3000 mm
160 kg