Caters for large openings

Our systems are designed to cater for very large openings, maximizing the architectural features of glazing. Our assistance in selecting the correct performance glass makes it possible to counteract the solar factor and thermal transmittance challenges associated with such large panels.

Look and feel

These functional advantages are complimented by a stylish range of accessories and a wide range of powder coating colours and finishes. Fenster uses only the best Qualicoat approved powder and applicators.

Energy Efficiency

Fenster’s aluminium windows are not only about style and beauty, but are designed to significantly reduce the energy wasted when creating a comfortable living environment. (heaters and air conditioners). Double-glazed panels and thermally insulated aluminium frames offer a significant improvement in thermally insulating your home against the summer heat and winter cold. The superior thermal insulation of our systems allows the architect to significantly increase the amount of glass applied to a home’s design.

High security

Fenster’s double-glazed systems offer improved security levels through double layer safety glass and multipoint locking systems. Glazing beads are inside the home, creating an additional barrier to entry from outside.


Thermal Efficiency

Superior thermal insulation reduces air conditioning costs and provides a pleasant ambient environment

Acoustic Benefits

Double glazing and performance glass offer significant noise reduction benefits

Product Safety

Systems are designed to offer superior safety features without compromising esthetic value

Tailored Offering

Products are specifically designed to the customer's needs - matching safety and performance to eternal beauty

Product Longevity

Superior systems, Quality glazing, Qualicoat approved coatings and quality accessories ensure that our products outlast your home


Cavity Sliding

Sliding into a wall cavity, it provides the best solution for an unobstructed view.

Folding Stacking Door

Provides an eye-catching solution for wide opening spaces.

Tilt, Tilt and Turn Door

This style combines the conventional opening door with a tilt-to-ventilate option.

Hinged Door

Protects the most important access point to your home.

Sliding Panel Door

The most popular style to close a large opening, offering many configuration options.