Fenster Windows

Windows combine architecture, design and function.

Energy costs continue to rise – there is nothing you can do about it. You can however do something to stop your energy consumption from spiralling. Have you already checked your home insulation? In particular, windows that are more than 20 years old often leak. A considerable proportion of the costs can be saved with efficient insulation. As much as 80 percent with Fenster windows – thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Fenster windows stand not only for progressive functionality but also for comfort in the home and visual appeal. Discover our comprehensive selection of fittings and handles too, and be inspired by the wide choice of colours.

The purpose of a window used to be two-fold: to let in light and to provide decoration. And Fenster’s range of high-quality aluminium window sidings introduces a third purpose: to be energy efficient. Fenster helps clients achieve this through a blend of style, technology and simplicity. Our products offer unprecedented energy-saving benefits, improved security and greater longevity as the range of aluminium windows is almost four times thicker and more secure than the other door and window products currently available locally. And to ensure that our windows meet the highest standards, we craft all products by hand.

Window benefits


The Fenster range of windows can transform homes and offices by offering a product which provides:

    • Flexibility

Fenster products cater to almost any requirements, including single or double glazed designs.

    • Energy efficiency

Providing the finest thermal insulation and ventilation integration, Fenster windows reduce heating costs, save on energy and create a pleasant ambient environment for any office or home.

    • Longevity

Supported by reinforced accessories, hinges, handles, locking bars and locks, Fenster windows all comply with WK2 safety standards and can bear weights of up to 130kg. Additionally, Fenster’s aluminium windows have a high level of waterproofing as they are designed to force water to escape outwards.

    • Security

Fenster’s products prioritise appearance without compromising on safety. Security features are concealed in the design, offering protection against body-weight attacks and preventing tools from being used to break locked and bolted components.

    • Quality

Fenster uses the best quality glass available which ensures that, whether by accident or intentional breach, our products remain intact. All windows are also powder-coated to the highest specifications and only the best European accessories are used during assembly and installation. And to ensure a lasting high-quality product, Fenster finishes each window with a durable surface coating to withstand the extremes of the South African climate.

    • Tailored offering

Our windows are custom-made to clients’ specifications and we offer a number of packages to meet individual needs and budgets.

    • Privacy

Aluminium windows are also able to reduce noise, depending on the design and manufacture of the frame, as well as the glazing used. We offer solutions that provide varying levels of soundproofing.

Window options

Distinguishing features

  • Innovative technology
  • System-tested security
  • Wide range of units and opening types
  • Wide range of colours
  • Optional burglar, fire and bullet resistance
  • Efficient thermal and sound insulation

Our range of windows include:

  • Top hung windows
  • Side hung windows
  • Tilt & turn windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Stacking/folding windows

    • Top hung windows

Enjoy an immersive and intimate view of your environment and let a great deal of light into your home or business with a grand singular top hung window. The hinges on these stylish openings can carry weight of up to 130kg, allowing for large architectural pieces that provide warmth and light through the premises.

    • Side hung windows

The Fenster Aluminium Side-Hung windows boast its class leading features, based on a platform of interchangeable components. Offering superior hardware options which include, aluminium handles, safety stays & security rated internal locking. Our windows open inwards or outwards, depending on your requirements, without losing any of its integrity. Included in the Side-Hung window that open inwards is an option for Tilt & Turn mechanism.

    • Tilt & turn windows

This innovative style of window is designed to be operated in any of three distinct ways: Turn upwards to tilt it for some fresh air without having to unlock the window. Turn it to the centre to open up like a side hung window. Then turn it all the way down to completely close and lock the unit in place. This makes it ideal for the South African climate in that, as it opens inwards, it can be left open in a tilt position at night without compromising security.

    • Sliding windows

The Fensters range of sliding windows allows customers to create easy, movable sliding panels of varying sizes. Available in a range of panel sliders (2, 3, 4 or 6), these sliding windows create a feature that provides superior insulation and visibility while simultaneously providing a larger view.

    • Stacking/folding windows

The Fensters range of Stacking/folding windows allows customers to create easy, movable stacking/folding panels of varying sizes. Available in a range of panel stacking options (2, 3, 4 or 6), these stacking/folding windows create a feature that provides superior insulation and visibility while simultaneously providing a larger opening over other options.