Fenster Doors

A door makes a very personal design statement.

Your own four walls are where you want to fulfil your visions of life and living. The entrance door is not just a form of direct access to the inside of a building, but also serves as a first glimpse of the inhabitants’ character. Why not create high-quality individual designs with Fenster entrance doors. Thanks to a variety of design options, Fenster front doors can be perfectly tailored to your own taste and the architecture of your building. The Fenster door range combine numerous, timeless designs with the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weather-tightness and durability. This means there are virtually no limits to creativity – even large-scale doors are feasible.

The stylish aluminium doors from Fenster are impressive not only on account of their versatility, but through the way in which they create generous gateways to the outside too. Design and technology are, of course, at the highest level, combining elegance, function and security in one comprehensive element. Furthermore, Fenster doors are more durable and offer more protection than similar products available locally. Fenster’s doors are custom-made to meet individual requirements.

Door benefits


Fenster’s range of bespoke and tailor-made doors provides stylish features for any office or home and offers the following benefits too:

  • Privacy – Fenster’s range of doors is available in a wide range of frames and glazes that create varying degrees of noise reduction, all depending on the customer’s specific requirements. To enhance the already high levels of noise reduction and air infiltration, the space between each frame and the opening mechanisms are sealed as tightly as possible using the best European sealing systems. And finally, using innovative hoses and rubber seals, Fenster is able to seal the entire door frame to achieve high waterproofing, soundproofing and sealing quality.
  • Security – In the Fenster door system, security is concealed to protect users and not distract from the stylish aesthetic while still offering the highest levels of security. Our sliding stacking doors can go upto the WK3 security class, which means that body weight attacks will not break them. This means that they embody safety elements which prevent components from being broken with handheld tools while a unique ‘no lift’ system prevents our doors from being lifted off their hinges.
  • Longevity – Fenster aluminium doors are manufactured using the best European accessories and finished with a hard-wearing surface coating designed to meet the demands of the South African climate. Furthermore, a unique design element ensures that water flows outwards, providing a high level of waterproofing.
  • Energy efficiency – Fenster’s doors offer high levels of thermal insulation and have integrated ventilation to help reduce energy consumption and promote greener, more efficient environments.
  • Tailored offering – Our doors are custom-made to clients’ specifications and we offer a number of packages to meet individual needs and budgets. Sizing up to 12 meters in width.

Distinguishing features

    • Safely and securely holds large areas of glass
    • High insulation and security technology
    • Innovative technology
    • System-tested security
    • Wide range of units and opening types
    • Efficient thermal and sound insulation

Our range of doors include:

  • Hinged doors
  • Tilt & Turn doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Cavity sliders
  • Stacking/folding doors

Hinged Doors


Fenster’s hinged door range is engineered to accommodate the weight of a double glazed door with the maximum size of 1100mm x 2600mm and is available with either single or multiple locking systems. However, despite its large capacity, Fenster hinged doors are all properly sealed to make them weatherproof and soundproof.

Unit TypeMax Width per PanelMax Height per PanelMax Weight per Panel
Single-panel hinged Door1500mm3000mm150kg
Double-panel hinged Door1500mm3000mm150kg

Tilt & Turn Doors


Operating similar to the window, this door gives you the option of adding in extra ventilation where no space for a window would have been available.

Unit TypeMax Width per PanelMax Height per PanelMax Weight per Panel
Tilt and Turn Window/Door1500mm2500mm160kg
Titl only Window/Door1200mm3000mm160kg

Sliding Doors


Comprising multiple panel sliders (2,3,4 or 6) and a choice of two-railway track (100mm) or three-railway track (145mm), each leaf can carry a weight of up to 200kg* and heights of up to 3000mm. This creates a doorway that can provide wonderful insulation and security while still allowing a great deal of light into a home or office. Lift & Slide option: The lift & slide feature adds an additional benefit to your sliding door by not only making each leaf lighter and easier to slide, but also allowing the leaf to be lifted from the hardware and locked into place whether open or closed.

Unit TypeMax Width per PanelMax Height per PanelMax Weight per Panel
Sliding Window/Door3000mm4000mm400kg

Stacking Doors / Folding Doors


Fenster offers stylish stacking/folding doors as large, eye-catching and convenient access feature. While Fenster can create even-numbered stacking doors (4-panel or 6-panel) stacking/folding doors can only open in uneven numbers. For example, a 6-panel stacker needs to open 3-panels to the one side and 3-panels to the other side. Stacking/Folding Doors are great for creating versatile spaces, where you can close off an area with your door or linking it to your outside living space by opening the door completely.

Unit TypeMax Width per PanelMax Height per PanelMax Weight per Panel
Folding Stacking  Window/Door1200mm3000mm100kg

Cavity Sliders / Cavity Sliding Doors

For this range of doors, Fenster offers sub-frames to create a perfectly levelled floor, ensuring the longevity of the sliders. Fenster also closes the open gaps on the sides of the rails going into the cavity with aluminium to prevent any dirt, dust or other debris from entering the railway in the cavity. The cavity sliders are available in either a two-railway track (cavity wall depth: min 110mm) or three-railway track (cavity wall depth: min 160mm)