Technical Brief

Backed by our international technical team, this means a lot to you as an architect, developer, designer and home owner. With the technical strength behind us we can produce anything you and your team can think of. We live the motto at Fenster Aluminium, that no two clients are the same, thus the reason that we tailor-make everything to fit your vision and needs.

Each door and window we produce is a one-off, we know as people working with people that you as an architect, developer, designer or home owner needs to fulfil those individual needs surrounding your new venture. With all this technical backing why will you not go with the leading product in South Africa, Fenster Aluminium.

As architects push the envelope in being more design driven whilst maintaining the smallest footprint possible with a structural design, we at Fenster Aluminium is right there by their side to give them the upper hand in staying ahead of the pack in terms of space utilisation.

Fenster Aluminium is constantly developing new products in conjunction with leading European manufacturers to ensure that Southern Africa is in the forefront of innovation.

We have leading European glass companies developing greater compounds to use in our products, pushing the ever-developing search for a more soundproof, better security and a lower energy usage system.

At Fenster Aluminium we pride ourselves with the spaces we create; our systems make large-sized panels a possibility.
With systems pushing the boundaries in architectural design; making our windows and doors not only a room feature, but gives you more benefits than any other system on the market.

An example of what we can do:
Our 180° pivot window opens in such a way that cleaning the unit in a penthouse or double storey is a breeze, by rotating the outside surface inwards, you can remain within the building whilst cleaning the outside surface.
Motorising helps you operate these windows in a double volume opening with the push of a button.

Take a look at our products to help you with the planning of the next floor plan.
The possibilities with Fenster Aluminium are endless.

Other options we offer are bulletproofing, soundproofing, acoustic solutions, facade systems and more (visit our showroom for more solutions). Maximum double-glazed thickness on our standard range is 32mm for sliding doors and 30mm for windows and doors.

Product Specifications

Standard system single-panel sizes that can be achieved in double-glazed format: Looking at the table below, it would work with the maximum glass sheet size available, taking into account SANS 10400 – N:2012 edition 3.1 requirements for glazing.

Size chart of our products per single panel.

The combination of width and height depends on the wind-load factor. Our international in-house technical department can assist you with the maximum panel size allowed depending on the position and location of the project
Furthermore anything beyond these limitations, our technical department can also assist in finding a solution, e.g. a 4 panel motorised sliding door, 6 000mm x 7 200mm has been successfully engineered by Fenster.

Other products we manufacture:

  • Fly screens – large variety for different applications.
  • Roller Shutters up to 10 000mm.
  • Sun Control blinds – large variety for different applications.
  • Security Doors – rated up to WK3.

Our Benefits

  • Flexibility – Fenster Aluminium’s products cater to almost any requirements, including single- or double-glazed designs.
  • Energy efficiency – Providing the finest thermal insulation and ventilation integration, Fenster Aluminium products reduce heating costs, save on energy and create a pleasant ambient environment for any office or home. Fenster’s products help reduce energy consumption and promote greener, more efficient environments.
  • Longevity – Supported by reinforced accessories, hinges, handles, locking bars and locks, Fenster Aluminium products can bear a weight of up to 400kg on sliding doors, 130kg on hinged doors and 150kg on windows. Fenster Aluminium’s products are manufactured using the best European accessories, finished with a hard-wearing surface coating designed to meet the demands of the Southern African climate.
  • Security – In the Fenster Aluminium product system, security is concealed to protect users and not distract from the aesthetics while still offering the highest levels of security. Our sliding stacking doors can go up to the European WK3 security class, which means that body weight attacks will not break them. Embodying safety elements which prevent components from being broken with handheld tools while a unique ‘no lift’ system prevents our doors from being lifted off their hinges.
  • Quality – Fenster Aluminium uses the best quality glass available which ensures that, whether by accident or intentional breach, our products remain intact. All products are powder-coated to the highest specifications to withstand the extremes of the Southern African climate. Only the best European accessories are used during assembly and installation.
  • Tailored offering – Our products are tailor-made to client specifications and offer a number of packages to meet individual needs and budgets.
  • Privacy – Fenster Aluminium’s range of products are available in a wide range of frames and glazing specifications that create varying degrees of noise reduction, all depending on the customer’s specific requirements. To enhance the already high levels of noise reduction and air infiltration, the space between each frame and the opening mechanisms are sealed as tightly as possible using the best European sealing systems. Finally, using innovative hoses and rubber seals, Fenster Aluminium is able to seal the entire doorframe to achieve high waterproofing, soundproofing and sealing quality.