Fenster-Logo European Design

Fenster Aluminium only uses the best components and accessories of the highest standard from Europe. Specialising in double-glazed units, we have the “know-how” and products to support unique and custom made designs. Steering clients in the right direction with our 28 years experience.

Fenster-Icon-2Custom made and hand-crafted

Custom-made to meet individual tastes and architecture, Fenster Aluminium’s products are styled on contemporary European design. We ensure that all units are manufactured to perfection by assembling the units one-by-one by hand, with our skilled labour force, overseen by experience management.

Fenster-Icon-3 Safety

Our products prioritise appearance without compromising on safety. Security features are concealed in the design, offering protection against body-weight attacks and preventing tools from being used to break locked and bolted components. Furthermore, the system we use carriers the glazing bead on the inside of the frame and not the outside, which makes it impossible for burglars to get access to your home by removing the glass.


Fenster Aluminium specialises in double-glazed units, whilst still being able to transform the unit to single-glazing. A standard double-glazed unit weighs approximately 30kg per/m2, where we ensure that our system can carry the weight, whilst still being able to create big openings, creating bigger, uninterrupted views. Furthermore, Fenster Aluminium ensures only to make use of the best glazing suppliers available, ensuring high quality double-glazed units, manufactured to our clients specification.

Fenster-Icon-5 Soundproof qualities

Our flexible manufacturing system allows for tailor-made windows and doors, each designed to fit a clients requirements. In noisy environments, Fenster Aluminium can provide effective glazing solutions to maximise the acoustic insulation of a building.

Fenster-Icon-6Weatherproof solutions

Fenster Aluminium’s windows & doors system has a high level of waterproofing, they are designed to force water to escape outwards. Additional, we only use the best rubbers we can source from Europe, together with the engineering behind our system Fenster Aluminium ensures the elimination of air-leakage.