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Comprising multiple panel sliders (2, 3, 4, 6 or 8) and a choice of two-rail or three-rail track. This creates a doorway that can provide wonderful insulation and security while still  allowing a great deal of light into a home or office.

Lift and slide option: the lift and slide feature adds an additional benefit to your sliding door by not only making each leaf lighter and easier to slide, but also allowing the leaf to be lifted from the hardware and frictional brakes into place whether open or closed, recommended for the heavier glass panels.

Minimal Systems is a new feature that Fenster has introduced in the South African Market which allows for thinner interlocking frames, great aesthetics and the feeling of openness in your home, while still protecting homeowners from the outside elements.

Unit Type
Max width per panel
Max Height per panel
Max Weight per panel
Sliding Window/Door

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